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Cidoo ABM066 Tri-mode Barebone


ABM 066 Barebone

  • Tri-mode connectivity
  • Per key RGB
  • Software supported
  • Rotary knob
  • TFT LCD display
  • 65% Alice layout
  • 【VIA-Programmable: Your Keyboard, Your Rules】 Complementing its ergonomic design, the CIDOO ABM066 also boasts a robust VIA-programmable feature. This open-source software offers an intuitive interface for real-time customization without requiring any coding skills. From key remapping and layer configurations to RGB customization and macro creation, VIA turns your keyboard into a highly personalized device.
  • 【Hot-Swappable PCB & Alice Layout】For the keyboard enthusiasts who enjoy a hands-on approach to customization, the CIDOO ABM066 comes in a barebones kit option, complete with a hot-swappable PCB. This is the ultimate sandbox for personalization, giving you complete control over every aspect of your keyboard. The Alice layout featured in the CIDOO ABM066 is an innovative take on traditional keyboard layouts, designed with ergonomics and comfort at its core. Named after the iconic “Alice” ergonomic layout, it deviates from the standard straight rows and columns found in most keyboards.
  • 【Three Modes of Connectivity: Bluetooth 5.0&2.4GHz&Type-C Cable】 The CIDOO ABM066 supports connection via Bluetooth(FN+Q/W/E) or 2.4GHz(FN+R) for wireless connectivity, or with the included Type-C USB cable. With Bluetooth 5.0, it easily and seamlessly connects to your devices within 10 meters. Equipped with an 3000mAh battery, the keyboard can also easily switch between three modes for efficient multitasking and fast performance.
  • 【Gasket mounted with Flex-cut PC Mounting Plate】The CIDOO ABM066 takes the typing experience to a new level by incorporating a gasket-mounted assembly, coupled with a flex-cut PC mounting plate. The inclusion of gaskets between the plate and the PCB creates a soft and forgiving bottom-out experience. The gasket mount isolates the typing plate from the rest of the case, significantly reducing vibrations and producing a more consistent, satisfying sound.
  • 【South-facing LED RGB Backlight & Win/Mac Compatible】 The CIDOO ABM066 continues to impress with its attention to detail, offering south-facing LED RGB backlight and full compatibility with both Windows and mac OS environments. This ensures not only an aesthetically pleasing experience but also functionality that caters to a broad range of user preferences.

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