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Weikov Record Alice Tri-mode Aluminum Barebone kit (Pre-order)


  • CNC Aluminum Body
  • Tri-mode connection
  • Alice Layout
  • 5 pin hot-swap

Note: This product is only available for Pre-order. Delivery may take 30-45 days.


>Split Alice Layout.

>67-Key 68% Arrangement.

>Leaf-Spring Mounted Structure.

>Lower-Lamp RGB LEDs.

>Pure CNC Machined 6063 Series Aluminum Alloy Chassis.

>Premium Anodized Finish.

>Luxurious Multi-Layered Internal Padding.

>PC Material Positioning Board.

>Single-key Slotted PCB.

>Strong Support Frame With Beryllium-Copper Shrapnel.

>Customized Driver For Easy Settings.

>Wired Type-C USB Interface.

>Dimensions: 347x131x43.4mm.

>Weight: 1300 grams.

WEIKAV Record Alice is a split-Alice layout keyboard kit that you can use to DIY your very own Alice layout keyboard. This keyboard kit has got a high-quality CNC machined 6063 series aluminium alloy material. It features a leaf-spring gasket-mounted structure design for comfortable soft-elastic typing feedback. The WEIKAV Record is a premium quality keyboard kit with a premium anodized finish, it adopts a high-quality PC material positioning board and we have a strong base support with high-quality beryllium-copper shrapnel.

Unique Split Alice Layout:-

We have many different keyboard kits in the market but only a few have the Split Alice Layout. This WEIKAV Record Alice kit has a split Alice arrangement with a 67-key 68% layout. Split Alice layout is a scientifically designed customized layout which is super comfortable and handy.

Leaf-Spring Mounted Structure Design:-

The WEIKAV Record Alice keyboard kit features a newly developed leaf-spring mounted structure design. It optimizes your typing feedback and grants you soft-elastic typing feedback. Every single keystroke will be smooth as butter.

Enhanced Support With Beryllium-Copper Shrapnel:-

WEIKAV Record Alice keyboard kit features high-quality beryllium-copper shrapnel. It provides excellent stability while typing with smooth and consistent performance.

Professionally Designed Internal Arrangement:-

WEIKAV Record Alice keyboard kit features a professionally crafted internal arrangement for satisfying typing feedback. Along with the leaf-spring gasket structure, we have multi-layered internal padding, PC material positioning board, single-key slotted PCB, and more. This ensures we get consistent typing feedback with no issues.

Solid Aluminum Alloy Chassis:-

WEIKAV Record Alice Keyboard Kit adopts an exquisite build structure. The chassis of this keyboard kit is made up of high-quality Aluminum alloy chassis. It is crafted using a high-precision CNC machining process with 6063 series Aluminum alloy material.


Midnight Black, Rose Red, Soy Milk White


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